Tricks on Нow to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

Writing a logical and interesting essay is all about its catchybeginning, several body paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. Thelatest part is your unique chance to round up all major pointsand give readers their clear sense of the meaning of youracademic paper. How to write a conclusion for an essay? If youdon’t know the right answer to that question, check thesestep-by-step directions that will help you succeed with ease.

Helpful Ideas for Your Conclusion

You shouldn’t write any new facts or thoughts in a concludingsection. It should only restate the details described in the restof your paper, so new ideas must be in its main body, not in itsconcluding part. Answer all questions in this paragraph to stateyour opinion about them and make it clear how you feel aboutthem.

It’s advisable to vary your language. Just because you restateideas mentioned in other essay parts, it doesn’t mean that youneed to choose the same language. Show readers your excellentvocabulary by paraphrasing. Trying to include everything is apopular error made by students. When drafting this paragraph, youaren’t required to go into all details because you do it in themain body. So, all you need to do is summing up all majorarguments. It sounds weird, but some students forget to writethis important essay part, so check if your paper has it, andwriting several sentences is enough.

What to Put in Your Conclusion

  • A concluding section wraps up the whole text in a tidypackage to bring it home for the audience;
  • Its topic sentence sums up everything that you say in athesis statement;
  • Reminding readers about the things accomplished;
  • Avoid restating a thesis as it’s redundant;
  • Rephrase a thesis to give it a deeper and fresherunderstanding;
  • Don’t mention any new ideas;
  • Its supporting sentences must summarize all thoughts andarguments;
  • If any excellent idea tries to sneak into your conclusion,discuss it in a separate body paragraph;
  • Consider all major ideas;
  • A brief summary of a topic of every paragraph;
  • Its closing sentence provides others with a certain sense ofclosure because it’s the last word on the chosen subject;
  • Demonstrate the importance of major ideas;
  • End on some positive note;
  • Propel readers to your completely new view of the chosentopic;
  • Its closing sentence should make other people glad that theyread your essay.

The Importance of Transition Words

Нow to write a conclusion for an essay? First, it should startwith quite a smooth transition from the main body. Its firstsentence should have good transition words that signal allreaders that you start wrapping up this paper. Remember thatdifferent transition words have varying effects on the audience,so choose the ones that can clearly communicate or indicate thatyou’re closing an essay. Some of the most common examples ofthese words include:

  • To sum up;
  • In conclusion;
  • Finally.

Why Restate Your Major Points

Once you signal readers that you want to draw your academic paperto its close, restate all of its major arguments and ideas.According to the length of your essay, you can do it in one orfew sentences. Stay clear and concise because your conclusion hasto summarize each important idea in a simple way and withoutrestating every detail and fact linked to this point. You justneed to list off these ideas as certain reminders to the audienceabout what they read. For instance, when drafting anargumentative paper, you need to clearly restate the mainargument to give the audience a final appeal. If you give enoughevidence in the main body, this simple restatement will makeothers feel as if you succeed to persuade them in full.

The Role of the Call to Action

In some expository and argumentative essays, it’s important toput a certain call to action in a last sentence. For instance,when crafting an informative essay about those sea creatures thatlive in the deepest part of the ocean, you need to close with anappropriate sentence that scientists should keep documenting andobserving them to get more data about the bottom of the ocean.This kind of call to action makes readers feel both informed andinspired after reading your paper.

Things to Be Avoided

Нow to write a conclusion for an essay? When completing thistask, the first thing that you need to do is keeping everythingsimple. Use logical transition words and phrases, restate majorideas or points, and end with your call to action. Besides, learnmore about the things that you must avoid when drafting a goodconclusion, such as the following:

  • New information. This essay section isn’t the right place tomention or put any new ideas, so all you need to do is to restateor summarize all major arguments.
  • Personal opinions. Unless you’re crafting an opinion paper,you should avoid using any personal statements.
  • Many details. When restating major thoughts, you shouldn’tworry about rewriting all minor details that make their evidenceor description. The main body is the right place for them becausea concluding section is their summary and your call for actionand next steps.

Concluding Paragraphs That Are Exceptions to Rules

The rules given above are general for all conclusions and formost essay types. However, there are some assignments thatrequire you to add more details and deviate from this standardconclusion formula a bit.

Concluding an Argumentative Essay

Students need to add certain details when writing a concludingpart of their argumentative papers because it presents a strongargument for a personal stance. It’s important in many ways, soyou address some opposing viewpoints in body paragraphs. Aconcluding section for all argumentative papers must let peopleknow why the chosen topic plays its big role and why you thinkyour opinion is correct. This means that you need to quicklydispel and readdress the opposition. For your point of interest,it’s advisable to give a better insight into what may happen ifreaders choose an opposite opinion.

Concluding a Narrative Essay

In this assignment, you need to be descriptive and paint acertain picture. Narrative papers are quite different fromargumentative essays as it’s not necessary to argue, analyze, orexplain. You need to tell your story, but this doesn’t mean thatyou can’t restate the main purpose of your narrative in itsconcluding section. You should do it in different ways to earnhigh grades. In most cases, students choose different forms ofreflection. A concluding paragraph of narrative essays can serveas some dialogues with the statements that link everythingproperly. Think about it as your ending line.

Helpful Methods to Conclude Your Essay Successfully

Although you may need to alter rules completely when drafting aconclusion of your narrative essay or add more details whenending your argumentative papers, many concluding paragraphsstick to quite a straightforward set of rules. You need to useyour detailed and descriptive language regardless of the essaytype because it will help you tie up all loose ends and make yoursummary of important thoughts p and arguments more interesting tothe audience. Don’t forget to keep all readers interested untilthe last word of your paper. It’s worth using shocking statementsand placing the chosen topic in the context of a bigger issue. Nomatter how you decide to end your essay, you need to spend moretime on developing its strong conclusion.

How to End with Interest

Нow to write a conclusion for an essay with interest? Whencrafting an introductory part, you use a hook, which can beanything from statistics and expert quotes to surprising factsand short anecdotes. An ending section also needs to have somesort of its finishing hook or a statement of interest. There aresome sure ways to go about writing it.

  • Use your parallel structure. If you use any statistics in astarting section, use other stats in the concluding one. If youuse quotes in the beginning, use similar quotes in the end. Thisdoesn’t mean that you should use the same hook in an essayconclusion.
  • Ask rhetorical questions. They can provide readers withsomething to consider while putting your topic in the context ofa bigger problem.

The effective methods are only useful suggestions, so it’spossible to end your essay conclusion however you feel is better.The main point is to ensure that all readers remain hooked untilthe end. There are other great writing strategies that you canuse, including retuning to the main theme in the essayintroduction, summing up, putting all together, and pointing to abroader implication.

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